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Monday, November 19, 2012

Site visit(or) pump-up: A head-to-toe beauty

 (Brief commentary. Included links are pertinent:)

Pls. see the embedded video below. (No affiliation....dang it. Note: The CBS News source permits video embedding.)

Whatever you might think of her, her journalistic abilities or (alleged) techniques, her personal life, etc.; married Ms. Logan just happens to be a head-to-toe, telegenic beauty. (Don't think CBS doesn't know it, either....(Duh.). An "aesthetic presence" -- when she wishes to.)

>>What a great dress (for her) here at the (11/18/12) video segment's intro. (You may need to enlarge the video screen (below) to see it...)

[*Merciful end to brief, fantasy worship section.]

More significantly, the correspondent (currently the youngest full-time one on 60 Minutes) has demonstrated admirable strength. Subjected to a savage attack in Egypt, Lara Logan seems to have successfully "picked up the pieces", resuming her life/career. Could not have been 'easy' to do, at all. 
(1/13 update: In this recent article (off-site link) Ms. Logan actually says she was "elated" after surviving the attack (and returning home.) 
Ever walk  away from a bad car wreck?  My guess is that is kind of what she meant....Only her experience seemed more traumatic (than that).)

(video link)

....Anyone ever notice what a fine narrative voice the intrepid correspondent has?? Soooothing = (many of) Lara's voice-over narrations. I would hope that she finds time to employ that (voice) to read to her children. (Always enjoy(ed) her polished-sounding S.A.-tinged English, also...)

(Another) Update (Jan., '13) for any who wander back to this post: A link to a more recent article with Ms. Logan, from Esquire. (That I had not previously seen...) Pretty amazing woman, and readers are able to learn a bit more about her. (Don't happen to enjoy how she (apparently) likes to swear....but who the f**k am I??)  Link to 11/1/12 Esquire interview, new window opens: http://www.esquire.com/features/what-ive-learned/meaning-of-life-2013/lara-logan-quotes-0113

P.S. Absolutely no 'worries' I'm sure, but I hope the TV news star never stumbles across this 'personal' (tiny-website-visitation-bump-up --- incidentally) musing. It is complimentary, but many television 'personalities' (in general) do not require (any) additional ego "enhancement". Update: Yes, my anemic page views are now thru the roof.  Doesn't take many to pump those up, but we all know who the real attraction is --especially for some of us (slightly) older gents...)

P.P.S. Lara's news program -- like many others -- continues to video its interview subjects "within an inch (or two) of their 'lives'". "Nostril TV" link here (new window).

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