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Sunday, February 24, 2013

2/24: Weekend music flashback - bonus

Per the previous post here most weekends will feature one or two older songs that come to mind (via YT videos).  (For my own enjoyment as well as any others....) 

To get everything off to a 'proper' start though, let's pay brief ("off-Spotify"homage right away to a couple of music legends.

(As s/b clear, this isn't any sort of comprehensive popular music site. No matter how long I decide to continue it, we are not going to cover everything/every artist....And other music posts won't be as wordy as this one:)

Elvis (off-site bio link, new window opens): Let's go to the 1969 mega-hit, "Suspicious Minds" for one tiny sample. Follow this current YouTube link (new window opens) to watch the mid-thirties 'King' perform it 'live': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q04_ClDxRsk

Embedding this version, though (thanks to its creator(s) for allowing that). I don't usually go for re-mixes but this one is kind of enjoyable (to me). Note: Background singers in this version: Particularly so...

(YT video link)

That's a tough act to follow. If anyone might, it's this progenitor of  'rock and roll' - who broke through just a bit before Elvis (in 1955 w/ "Maybellene") -- Mr. Chuck Berry. (Off-site link to (one) bio, new window opens.)

Please follow this YT link for Berry's captivating 1970s performance of the now-classic "Johnny B. Goode" (new window opens): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHBhJZaqSR0

Maybe a cop-out (sorry Chuck fans), but I've always enjoyed this movie's 'take' (cover) of that Berry song:

(YT video link)

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